Daughter of the King

We have a new bishop! Christian Riesbeck, Companions of the Cross was ordained on feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2014 at Notre Dame Cathedral-Basilica in Ottawa.

I love that his coat of arms' motto is Evangelii Gaudium and that it includes roses for Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Feeling so blessed to have the Companions, a vibrant Charismatic community of priests building up the faithful in our city. 

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    *is a Catholic Lady* I don’t completely know what you are talking about, but that is a beautiful Church. And Yey new...
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    I don’t doubt it, and I’m very happy for you and your diocese. Mine was a joke, nothing more, and I was mostly making...
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    The series of comments…. I cannot stop laughing
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    My eyes weren’t blind to Bishop Christian’s dashing looks but my thoughts were focused elsewhere. On the beauty of this...
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    What a handsome bishop!
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